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Contact Info:

Nick Russel - ASB Vice-President

Erin Brown  Vice Principal of Activities

(408) 423-2609

Patrice Anderson SBO Secretary

(408) 423-2639

Club Events at SCHS

Major Club Events

  • Start of School Club Fair
  • Homecoming Parade 
  • Holiday in the Quad Club Fair
  • Diversity Week

Other events in which clubs can participate

  • Cultural days or club events in quad - see SBO to schedule a day
  • Lip Sync 
  • Performances at rallies (clubs must try out in order to perform)

Student Clubs

Join a Club Today!

The SCHS Associated Student Body supports a variety of clubs of various interests.  Our students create, run and participate in clubs of all kinds.  


Clubs are an awesome way for students to become involved on our campus, interact with their peers and build community while learning invaluable skills.  Check out our list of approved clubs below.  Find one (or more!) that interest you.  All club meetings are open to all SCHS students.  Just attend a meeting to see which one is right for you.

2017/18 Clubs


Clubs President Advisor Room
Anime Club Dennis Yi Mrs. Jaeckel-Hill C301
Art Appreciation Club Eveline Gromline Mr.Woodman  
Arts & Merch Dmitriy F Mr. Woodman J201
ASL Club Jolene Rocha Ms. Orsetti C304
Association of Urban Dancers David Javier Mr.Reyes E102
Awakeing Faith Juran/Caroline Poso Ms. Miller B310
Basic IT Club Yifan You Ms.Mehl S119
Beyblade Club Brandon Lee Daniel Eaton B103
Black Student Union Savannah Phommavong Ms.Henry College Career Center
Blue Hole Samuel Manacmul Mr.Skapinsky B304
Blue Smoke Competitive Robotics Team Daniel Van Daken Ms. Spector Fab Lab
Bruin Book Club Pearl Nguyen Mrs.Shelby Library
Bruins Helping Hands Olena Krotiuk Ms.Shah S119
Calculus Club Sydney Fonderie Mr. Gallick S101
California Scholarship Federation Alicia Luong Mr.Wylam  
Car Enthusiasts Jacob Aboytes Mr. Hasty  
Chess Club Vamsi Atmuri Ms. Spector D203
Chinese Student Association Shannon Lin Mr. Wilson  
College Prep Gina Filatov Mr. Butler

College & Career Center

Commerce Club Basem Swelam Ms. Shneider B208
Community Health Club Kari Marquis Ms. Liu-Grossman B208
Competitive Math Club Isabel Zhong Ms. Mclennan Fab Lab
Cosplay Club Alexis Leal Ms. Figueroa B2017
Craft Club Letitia Aloysius/Jessica Procaccia Mrs.Couto B105
Creative Writing Club Ayden Salazar Mrs. Grossman B208
Culinary Culture Hannah Lee and Keziah Rezaey Ms. Shaw B201
Danny Devito Society of California Spencer Lepore Mrs. Couto  
Debate Club Rahul Amin Mr. Waddell B211
Dope Music Appreciation Nahom Semere & Yuno Park Ms.Couto B105
Drama Club Maddy Sands Mr.Reyes E102
Drawing Club Brianna Morales Ms. Atkinson D3015
Dungeons & Dragons Janna Crocher Mr. Williams C305
Fashion Club Andrea Infante Ms. Figueroa B207
FCCLA Mahya Madanes Mrs. Hopp J205
Filipino American Student Association Maliya Madones/Damarah Madriaga Mr. Reyes E105
Film Production Club Daniel Wolf Mr.Tanajian D307
Fishing Club Justin Wood Mr. Wilson B305
French Club Shannon Lin Ms. Garvin C303
Game Development Club Arav Chheda Ms.Mehl S119
Gay Straight Alliance Dakota Menard Arantxa Figueroa B207
Gentlemen's Choir Minu Jaeger Mr.Erdman Music Room
GIrls Empowerment Project Sofia Kritikopoulso/Kaylee Ngo Ms.Cmaylo B206
Girls Who Code Bonnie Liu Ms.Satija D202
Heritage Ethnicity And Race Together Club Madison Kohls/Karina Kleveland Ms.Smith  
History Club Mateo Oliveira Mr. Skapinksy B304
Interact Club Sofia Kritikopoulso/Vince Velayo Mr.Mohamed S112
Journalism Club Hannah Shin/Maya Singh Mr. Ansaldo B109
K-pop Club Amanpreet Kaur Ms. Cmaylo B206
Key Club Alicia Luong Mr. Jacquard P201
Kpop Dance Club Maliya Madanes Ms.Bae B211
Liberty in North Korea Hannah Shin Ms. Bae Quad
Lighthouse Enthusiasts John Lim Ms.Wellberg D303
Link Crew Club Seth Everett Ms. Morbo B203
Love For Fighters Sadie Spector Ms. Grossman B208
Magic Club Theodore Lee Mr. Jimenez B303
Makers Club Yifan You Ms.Liao F202
Makeup Club Iveth Ramirez Ms.Shah B210
Meme Club Qingyuan Cao Mr. Hasty  
Mock Trial Khalil Malik Ms. Grossman B208
Multicultural Dance Club Donya Mirzadeh Mrs.Couto-Mohammed B105
Music Production Club Yifan You Mr.Gallick Fab Lab
Muslim Student Association Yousef Binzbair Mr.Mohammed S112
Oil Painting Club Eveline Gromline Mr.Woodman  
Photography Tessa Perez Ms. Peters B209
Pokemon Club Matthew Dacus Mrs. Jaeckel-Hill C301
Polynesian Dance Club Maceila Alizae Ms.Anderson B101
Portuguese Club Brianna Lauranjo Mr. Wilson B305
Project: Earth Haritha Karthikeyan/Soral Suralikal Ms.Miller-Moddy S119
Public Policy Christopher Moon Emily Haven B301
Raza Latina Diana Acosta/Valeria Deleon Ms.Morbo B203
Redcross Gina Filatov Mr. Wilson B305
Sandwich Club Maddie Ambelang/Angie Pavao Mrs.Burk  
Save The Bees Logan Hamel Ms. Flores P202
Scientific Discoveries Club Ankith Maremoda Mr.Mohamed S112
Scientific Discussion and Debate Club Brandon Mclelland Mr. Eaton B103
Sister Cities Ria Kaur Grewal Ms. Satija  
Student Tutoring Association Minji Kang/ Meredith Larson Ms. Shah S119
Students for the Protection of Everyones Wellbeing Kiera O'Hara Mrs.Ansaldo B205
STYLE'in Club Rudy Tanugula/Maha Elata Mr.Reyes E102
The Breakfast Club Rachel Spector Mr. Ansaldo B109
The Code Exchange Sydney Fonderie Mr. Holley C211
The Code Exchange Sydney Fonderie Mr. Holley C211
The Smash Society Sean Nguyen Mr.Mohamed S112
UNICEF Maryam Khatoon Ms.Spector D203
Video Game Enthusiasts Nicholas Stampolis Mr. VanDyck J207
Vietnamese Student Association Carolyn Tran Mr. Wilson B305
Wellness Warriors Gina Filatov Ms. Thomas F201
2017/18 Class Advisors Advisor   Room
Class of 2018 Ms. Carvalho   S115
Class of 2019 Kiyota & Kawamoto   Gym
Class of 2020 Couto-Mohamed & Morbo   B105/B203
Class of 2021 Mrs. Ansaldo   B205