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Cyber High Credit Recovery

Core Class Recovery:

Health Education

English1A (9th)

English1B (9th)

English2A (10th)

English2B (10th)

English3A (11th)

English3B (11th)

English4A (12th)

English4B (12th)

Environmental Science A

Environmental Science B

Algebra IA (Semester1)

Algebra IB (Semester2)

Geometry A

Geometry B

World History A

World History B

US History A

US History B







Thursdays: running low




Bruins IS

The Algebra of Homework in CyberHigh

75-hour course = 70 hours class (- absences) + 5 hours (+ absence) of homework Time

Great Quote
Happiness Quote


January 28  Unit #1 / #6

March 8   Unit # 2 / #7

April 5  Unit #3 / #8

May 7 Unit #4 / #9

May 31 Unit #5 / #10

Why take notes in Cyber High?

Students are given a comp book, and a digital space for notes, or can use a google doc. They are encouraged to take notes to assist them in quizzes and the final exam of each unit. 

Note Taking for Cyber High

The Cyber High College Prep course has some difficult quizzes. Notetaking can help. Each student is given a composition book for notes. They are encouraged to write down the quiz questions for studying for the final. 


  • Practice respect at all times for everyone (non-negotiable).  

  • Come to class: arrive on-time and prepared to complete assignments.

  • Motivate and help your buddy when they need it.  

  • Ask questions when you don’t understand something.  

  • Ask for help when you need it (for yourself and your buddy).

  • Ask for help with motivation-  be proactive (for yourself and your buddy).

  • Keep an open mind and positive attitude about learning and engaging in the online class.

  • Log-in to your course within 2 minutes of arriving to class.

  • Work on your course for at least 20 minutes, before taking a break or going to bathroom.

  • When you are ready for a test, let your teacher know so that you can get approval ASAP.

  • Finish sections before the section date and earn free-time, and rewards.

Login Info for Homework

Student # or s######

Schoolloop login: Ulmmddyyyy

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