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Counseling Department

Victoria Aguaristi (408) 423-2627 Counselor (last names Co-G + AVID 12)
April Anderson (408) 423-2614 Counselor (last names H-J + AVID 11)
Lynn Camacho-Light (408) 423-2638 Counselor (last names Lu-Ol & AVID 10)
Amoreena Fidani (408) 423-2625 Counselor (last names K-Lo + AVID 11)
Cindy Menezes (408) 423-2633 Counselor (last names On-Se)
Jeanne Mustille (408) 423-2636 Counselor (last names A-Cl)
Katy Weeks (408) 423-2637 Counselor (last names Sh-Z + AVID 9)

Counseling Department Support Team

Britnie Delgado (408) 423-2634 Counseling Secretary: Counseling Appointments
Tony Lam (408) 423-2602 Vice Principal of Counseling, Curriculum, and Instruction
Lisa Mendez (408) 423-2606 Registrar
Maria Vergano (408) 423-2617 ex: 2617 Counseling Secretary: Student Support Services
Counseling Calendar

Counseling Office Services include:

*Monitoring Graduation Status/Credits

*College Preparation/Application Workshops

*Community College Application workshops

*PSAT Interpretation

*College Letters of Recommendation, Secondary School Reports, and Mid-Year Reports

*College Application Counseling

*Referrals to Alternative Education

*Grade Level Parent Information Nights

*Grade Level Classroom Presentations

*Wellness Center/Personal Counseling Referrals

*Course Registration

*Middle School Visits for Course Selection

*New Student Orientation Appointments

*Transcript Transcription


Career Center Services include:

*Scholarship Information

*SVCTE information and registration

*Work Permits

*Military Information

*College Representative Visits




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