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Link up: thursday, january 24!

future link- up dates

Link-ups are held Thursdays after school from 2:15-3:30. In an effort to help students get to know the school and have fun,  we have activities and sell food.

Proposed Link-up dates for 2019 are:

January 24   

February 14 

March 14    

      April 11    

Come out and join us!



Link Crew


What is a link leader?

A link leader serves as a mentor and a friend to incoming freshmen. A link leader provides them with guidance, direction, and support in their new high school environment. A link leader is a friendly, kind individual who wants to help make Santa Clara High School a great place where students want to attend and become involved. A link leader is someone who serves as a positive role-model for all of the students on campus all year long.


What are the commitments of a link leader?

Because a link leader will be responsible for a group of freshmen at Freshman Orientation, a link leader must attend all three days of link leader activities: two days of link leader training and one day of Freshman Orientation. Training will be held Monday, August 6 and Tuesday, August 7 from 8:00 - 12:00, and Freshman Orientation will be held Wednesday, August 8 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Leaders call the individual freshmen in their assigned group after the training days to invite them to orientation and to make them feel welcome at SCHS. Leaders are also expected to wear their Link Crew T-shirts to the FIRST day of school (so that freshmen can easily identify them) and are also expected to help freshman find their classes, open their lockers, navigate the cafeteria, etc.


Why do students become link leaders?

Students become link leaders to help create the kind of high school experience that they would like to have. They have a desire to help freshmen feel welcome at their new school and to encourage freshmen to get involved on campus directly by joining programs, clubs, and sports as well as getting involved indirectly by attending events as supportive and encouraging audiences and fans. As an added bonus and a reward for their valuable time and effort, link leaders earn the 20 community service hours required to graduate, along with valuable leadership experience for college applications, scholarships, as well as job applications in the future.


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1) Is there a GPA requirement to be a Link Leader?

No, Link Leaders represent all students on campus.


2) How are Link Leaders chosen?

Link Leaders are chosen for their willingness to make freshmen excited to attend SCHS and welcome on the SCHS campus all year long. Link Leaders are chosen to represent the various student groups and values of the SCHS campus. Link Leaders are not necessarily students who are involved in EVERY thing, but rather they are students who PROUDLY participate in the community of Santa Clara in their own individual ways.


3) When will Link Leaders know that they have been chosen?

All applicants that meet the deadline (Friday, March 30) will be notified by Monday, April 16 via the Gmail address they listed.


4) How do Link Leaders receive their 20 hours community service?

After Orientation, Link Leaders must complete a service verification form and have it signed by Ms. Morbo or Ms. Couto-Mohamed. It is the responsibility of the individual leaders to follow through with having their experience recorded on their transcripts.


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