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Bruin Country Principal's Updates


Hello Bruin Community,

I hope your summer is off to a happy and safe start.  I have a handful of updates for you, including a couple of items designed to make your life a bit easier going forward.


For our graduating seniors, we are ready to disperse your actual diplomas to go in the beautiful diploma cases that you received as part of the on-line graduation ceremony.  We will be doing a drive-through diploma pick-up in the SCHS Bus Circle on Wednesday & Thursday, June 24-25 from 8:00am-11:00am and 12:00pm-3:00pm both days.  We will need to see the graduate’s photo ID in order to give out the diploma.  For the handful of graduates who still have library books, textbooks, chromebooks, or athletic gear that needs to be turned in, you will receive a loopmail and/or a phone call to let you know about those items by the end of the day on Friday, June 19.  You can turn in those items or pay the relevant fees at the same time you pick up your diploma.  Additionally, we have an updated “Commemorative Edition” of our graduation videoThis Commemorative Edition corrects a few errors and adds in extra pictures that many of our grads submitted.  Enjoy!


Based on a new protocol approved by the superintendents of the six districts of our athletic league, we will start allowing teams to hold voluntary conditioning workouts next week.  All teams that are planning to participate will have to submit a detailed plan that ensures social distancing, small cohorted groups, and other safety considerations in order to comply with county public health guidelines.  All workouts will be outdoors, non-contact, and in groups of not more than twelve athletes that stay together for each workout.  Participation is not required, but we are happy to be able to provide this opportunity for students to safely be together with their peers.  See yesterday’s email for more details. 


Our district has a new Enrollment Center that will handle all new enrollees, our residency verifications, and collection of emergency contact info .  The great news for families is that nearly all of the work will be able to be done online, and the district has opted to do residency checks only when a family initially enrolls, moves, or changes schools.  All families will have to submit a couple items each year, including updating any emergency contact info, but this should be a significantly easier process for most.  Starting June 24, 2020, families will complete new student registration and the annual student information update through our online enrollment system. For reference, information and forms are available on our Enrollment webpage. If you need assistance completing a new student registration or the annual student information update please contact the Enrollment Center by emailing or calling (408) 423-3596. Staff will be assisting families by phone, video conference, and curbside appointments. 


Due to personnel changes for the 2020-21 school year, the following is the new alpha breakdown for next year. The changes primarily affect students with last names between Bh - Cl and K - Lo.  Additionally, the schoolloop counseling page now allows students/families to request appointments with counselors directly from our website.  While this feature won’t be active while counselors are on summer vacation, it should simplify these requests when the counselors return in late July and early August.

  • Jeanne Mustille - Last Names A - Be, AVID 9

  • Amoreena Fidani - Last Names Bh - Cl, AVID 9

  • Victoria Aguaristi - Last Names Co - G

  • April Anderson - Last Names H - Lo, AVID 12

  • Lynn Camacho-Light - Last Names Lu - Ol, AVID 11

  • Cindy Menezes - Last Names Ou - Se

  • Katy Weeks - Last Names Sh - Z, AVID 10


Gregory Shelby

Principal, SCHS

Posted 6/18/20



Hello Bruin Community,



Two Graduation-related reminders:

  • It is our great hope that you will all join in the On-line Graduation celebration of our seniors, which will take place tomorrow, June 3, starting at 4:00 pm via

  • Seniors are invited to drive through the bus circle on Thursday, June 4, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm to say goodbye to SCHS Faculty and Staff as part of our Senior Farewell Drive-Thru.  As a reminder, only SCUSD employees will be able to get out of their car.  We ask that all seniors/families stay in their cars.  We look forward to seeing you, seniors!



On Wednesday and Thursday, June 10-11, SCHS will provide curbside drop-off of textbook and library books as well as pick-up of yearbooks and items from lockers if you pre-request that we bag up items from your locker.  In order to maximize safety, we are having all students/families stay in their cars and drive through the bus circle in front of the main building.  Drivers will go through two or three stations.  

  • Station #1 - Drop-off of textbooks & library books

  • Station #2 - Pick-up of items from your locker that we have bagged up for you

  • Station #3 - Pick-up of your pre-ordered yearbook (we are not able to sell any additional yearbooks at this time, only deliver those that were pre-ordered)

To spread out the visits, we are requesting that students/families come at the following times.  If you arrive at a time other than your designated alpha group, we may not be able to get your pre-requested bag for you.

Wednesday, June 10

  • 8:00-9:00 - Last Names A-Ba

  • 9:00-10:00 - Last Names Be-Ch

  • 10:00-11:00 - Last Names Ci-D

  • 11:00-12:00 - Last Names E-G

  • 12:00-1:00 - Any Last Names, but textbook drop-off only (no pick-ups available)

  • 1:00-2:00 - Last Names H-J

  • 2:00-3:00 - Last Names K-L

Thursday, June 11

  • 8:00-9:00 - Last Names M

  • 9:00-10:00 - Last Names N-Pa

  • 10:00-11:00 - Last Names Pe-Ri

  • 11:00-12:00 - Last Names Ro-Si

  • 12:00-1:00 - Any Last Names, but textbook drop-off only (no pick-ups available)

  • 1:00-2:00 - Last Names Sm-U

  • 2:00-3:00 - Last Names V-Z

If you would like to have items picked up from your hallway or PE locker, please fill out this pre-request formThe deadline to fill out this form in order for us to have your items ready in time is Sunday, June 7, at 11:59pm.

We encourage students to check your School Loop portal, which will have a list of the textbooks and library books that you currently have checked out.  If you owe a fine, unfortunately we will not be able to accept any payments on these days.  


Gregory Shelby

Principal, SCHS

Posted 6/2/20


Hello Bruin Community,

We are in the final few days of school. Today is the last day of classes for our seniors, and everyone else will finish classes one week from today.  We are finding our way through a very difficult time, and we as a community are doing it well.  Thank you, students.  Thank you, parents.  Thank you, faculty and staff. 


Our Student Council has created a 19-minute movie to share memories with our seniors.  All are welcome to view it by clicking on Senior Sendoff: A Motion Picture


Great news!  Santa Clara County is now allowing car parades as long as we meet certain safety criteria.  As such, we are adding a new event called the Senior Farewell Drive-Thru as a chance for our seniors to say goodbye to our faculty and staff.  On Thursday, June 4, we’re inviting any interested seniors (immediate family members also welcome) to come and drive through the SCHS Bus Circle between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Members of our faculty and staff will be there to say goodbye and see you before you head off to your next adventure.  Seniors, we are looking forward to seeing you if you can come! 

There are some strict parameters we need to follow to comply with the County’s safety guidelines.  One important one is that only SCUSD employees will be able to get out of their cars, and they will all be wearing masks and staying six feet apart from our grads and each other. For seniors/families, the guidelines are:

  • Only members of the same household may occupy a single car.

  • People may not leave their cars at any time during the parade. Participating cars may not congregate at a fixed location.

  • No walkers, bicycles, or motorcycles may participate.

  • Parades must comply with all Santa Clara County laws and applicable permitting requirements.

We are encouraging grads/families that have the flexibility in their schedule to come during the following windows of time.  

  • 11:00 to 11:30 - Last Names A-E

  • 11:30 to 12:00 - Last Names F-L

  • 12:00 to 12:30 - Last Names M-R

  • 12:30 to 1:00 - Last Names S-Z

We understand that your work schedules may make this schedule not work, so these are suggested times, but we are flexible with them if needed.  


As a reminder, the seniors are set to bring in their textbooks, chromebooks, and other school-owned items tomorrow at their allotted times. Please check your School Loop portal for the list of items to return.   After dropping off these items, seniors can pick up their cap and gown, yearbook, and other items.  Seniors will then put on their cap and gown to have their picture taken, and that picture will be used in the online graduation ceremony.  All pick-ups and drop-offs are happening in the main gym.  For safety reasons, only seniors can enter the gym, and all seniors must wear a face mask (except during their picture).  The visit for each senior is expected to take no longer than 5-10 minutes.


We have not finalized the plans for drop-off and pick-up for students who aren’t seniors, but we do have a rough time frame.  The drop-off and pick-up for non-seniors is being planned for the week of June 8-12.  Please expect a detailed plan to be sent out sometime next week.


Gregory Shelby

Principal, SCHS

Posted 5/27/20