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Club Fair: A SITE to See!

6Welcome to Santa Clara High School's first Virtual Club Fair! On this page, you will be able to browse through over 60 clubs that make up our Bruin Community. From fitness to academics, video gaming to culture, activism to service--there is truly a club for every student! You may browse clubs by interest:

Diversity Clubs

Community Service Clubs

Academic Clubs

Special Interest Clubs

If you are looking for a specific club or category, press (ctrl + F) for a search bar.

Diversity clubs

BLACK STUDENT UNION (BSU) Classroom Code: ym4dpog

The Black Student Union was created as a space for the smaller black population of students at SCHS to feel a greater sense of community. Our goal as a club is to further diversify SCHS by bringing other our experience on campus as well as to share experiences as members of the black community. The BSU has further developed into a place for people to join a "familial group" that has lasting effects on their experience not only during high school, but long after. Join and have fun with us!


Chinese Student Association (CSA) aims to unite and inform SCHS students through embracing Chinese culture, tradition, and history. CSA holds monthly meetings with the goal of informing students of integral topics in Chinese culture as well as current issues affecting ethnically Chinese groups each meeting in an efficient and engaging manner. With such incredible diversity at SCHS, the Chinese Student Association hopes to foster a mindset of acceptance and appreciation in order to cherish and celebrate our differences.


The Filipinx-American Student Association serves to shine light on the Filipinx heritage by showcasing the intricacies of the culture in addition to providing members the history of Filipinx language, art, love, and hardship. This year, newly being changed from Filipino to Filipinx, we at Santa Clara aim to create space for and acknowledge genderqueer members as well. This family is a space for every student (Filipinx or not) to feel the pride of the culture, and navigate through high school with more appreciation, clarity, and acknowledgment for their cultural identity.

GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (GSA) Classroom Code: vylm7ai

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a safe space made for the LGBTQ students of SCHS to meet, converse, listen and learn about one another's experiences. Our goal is to make a place where students can come and feel safe in themselves and not worry about being judged for who they are. We watch videos, have educational presentations, play games, and more; anybody and everybody is welcome to join!



The aim for this club is to bring together Muslims on the SCHS campus, as well as welcoming non-Muslims to learn more about the religion of Islam, in order to create an interfaith platform. We will raise awareness about common issues in which Muslim Americans face, bringing in speakers from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)- hopefully allowing this club to be a safe space for all Muslims on the SCHS campus. Join MSA to learn more about Islam and bond with fellow Muslims!

PACIFIC ISLANDER CLUB (PIC) Classroom Code: rjg6gqj

Join P.I.C! Our club is new to SCHS and this is the first year it has been chartered. We want to shared the wonderful history and culture of the Pacific Islands with the SCHS community.

RAZA LATINA CLUB Classroom Code: glt4vpc

Hey Bruins, we’re Raza Latina! Our purpose in this club is to teach and inspire the students here at SCHS. We want to positively show our culture from the various Latin American countries because it adds diversity to our school. We have lots of fun events and activities coming up in the next few months, we hope you find interest in our club and decide to join!


community service clubs

AMERICAN RED CROSS Classroom Code: xfcdaog

Welcome to SCHS’s Red Cross Club! Become a Red Crosser today, as we meet biweekly on Fridays to help our community and make a difference in our world! Every Red Cross meeting you attend = an hour of community service! We hope to see you at our next meeting! ❤️ 🏥 

BEARS TO SHARE Classroom Code: q5tgg63

Bears to Share is a club that sews stuff animals and donate to children hospitals, we also make masks and give to healthcare workers and donate those in needs. You can receive volunteer hours through distant learning and make friends along the way. You can make an impact in your community. IG: @bearstoshareschs

BEST BUDDIES Classroom Code: e2sjc6c

Best Buddies Club... lots of people!

Best Buddies' mission is for integration and inclusion of people with and without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities through friendship. In this time of heightened social and emotional development that can be difficult even for teenagers without IDD, the Best Buddies friendship program helps break through social barriers at an important time in a young person’s life. Club meetings are bi-weekly on Fridays, join our google classroom for more information to come


Breast Cancer Awareness Club Flyer

Breast Cancer Awareness Club strives to support breast cancer patients, survivors, and families. By becoming a member, you will hear from guest speakers, make care packages, and host fundraisers. Our goal, through these events, is to fight against breast cancer as one supportive community! Not to mention, our events also offer students COMMUNITY SERVICE hours!

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Classroom Code: wmxy2bp

Circle of Friends E-flyer

Circle of Friends in an exciting student-teacher collaborative initiative to help create an inclusive environment for those in special education within our school. As a member of the initiative, you would have the opportunity to get to know a diverse population of students at our school and help create a welcoming atmosphere for our students in special education. Join our club today through our Google Classroom!


Girls Empowerment Project is a non-profit organization striving to inspire and uplift the young female minds of our generation.  Join us for self-empowerment tips, to develop an understanding of feminism, and to bring awareness to both women's history and the issues we face today. We also offer multiple COMMUNITY SERVICE opportunities in female-related projects such as charities and women's shelters!

INTERACT CLUB Classroom Code: c4d6p5s

Interact is a service club that focuses on giving back to the community and building bonds and leadership skills among all of our members. What makes Interact so unique? Every year our district has a community and international project! The community project focuses on community service and helping our community, while the international project focuses on fundraising for a global issue. But beyond service, this club is a way to create lifelong friendships and memories with fellow interactors. Here are the projects from last year, which were Build for Tomorrow: which was building a school in Nicaragua, and Recovery through Resilience: which involved helping our community overcome alcohol abuse.

KEY CLUB Classroom Code: bp64ckn

Key Club is an organization providing members with opportunities to serve, build character, and develop leadership. We hold conventions raising money for our preferred charities, and are held virtually this year. We hope you can join us as we kick off another semester of service! Stay updated on Instagram @keyclubsantaclara.

LINK CREW CLUB Classroom Code: sbwfrh3

As Link Leaders we support freshmen and provide them guidance, while growing Leaders' leadership skills. We also contribute to a positive school community. Everyone is welcome and join our crew! :)

PEN PALS CLUB Classroom Code: nxa4z2a

Pen Pals Club E-Flyer

In PPC we're here to revive letter writing and spread kindness in the community. We've pen-palled and messaged students from Louisiana and Japan, and even earned easy community service hours by making holiday cards for local senior citizens! Interested? Follow us on Instagram @schs_penpals and join our Google Classroom :)

PERIOD CLUB Classroom Code: nvbudak

PERIOD Club Flyer

PERIOD SCHS is a chapter of PERIOD and is dedicated to helping solve period poverty, the shortage of menstrual hygiene related resources, in SCHS and Santa Clara County. We aim to help reduce the cultural shame surrounding menstruation. Join PERIOD today to help make a difference! IG: @periodschs

PROJECT: EARTH CLUB Classroom Code: ir5g7e4

Project Earth exists to spread awareness about the environment and get students involved in climate advocacy and action! Right now, youth like us are at the forefront of the climate movement, and we want to get other students from SCHS to be a part of it! Join our Instagram! (@projectearthschs)

SANTA CLARA SISTER CITIES Classroom Code: kdkknel

Santa Clara Sister Cities Flyer

Santa Clara Sister Cities is a cultural exchange club where we connect with high schoolers from Portugal, Ireland, and Japan. Join our club to learn about other cultures and create international friends! (Club Instagram: @santaclarasistercitiesyc)

THE FOUR NATIONS CLUB Classroom Code: 4gs2an2

The Four Nations Club

Come join The Four Nations Club! That is if you’re a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and want to help spread awareness on countries and nations with low economies and resources and to also help advocate for animals that are going endangered and are losing their homes. Join us so we can all work together to bring back peace and harmony into the place we call home.

UNICEF CLUB Classroom Code: ndrgxx7

UNICEF Club raises awareness and strives to send resources out to the community in order to help children who need supplies for their education, empowerment, and/or survival. Our meetings are bi-weekly on Thursdays. New members are always welcome! Remind: Text @sc-unicef to 81010. Follow @unicef.schs on Instagram!

WELL BRING HOPE CLUB Classroom Code: i2ffl4p

WE THE PEOPLE CLUB Classroom Code: ypbjkue

We the People is a nonpartisan club focused on engaging the youth in current political affairs. We focus on exploring current policies, ideologies, candidates, and more! The mission of this organization is to provide the people with a platform to create dialogue, discuss, and debate. Follow our Instagram: @WeThePeople.SCHS!

YOUTH ACTIVISTS CLUB Classroom Code:  tasxbv2

Are you interested in social issues? Community service hours? Making a direct impact on people's lives? Youth Activists aims to encourage members of the student body to get involved with issues that affect their community. We partner with other nonprofits and political/social organizations and have so many different projects planned! Meetings are Wednesdays during lunch.

Academic clubs


ASL club is a safe space for anyone, in and outside of ASL, in order to spread cultural awareness about the Deaf community and the history of American Sign Language. Join ASL Club!



CSF Club

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) recognizes academically achieving members of our school and broadens their positive impact on the community. We will provide members of the SCHS community with volunteer opportunities to help others in school and elsewhere. Current sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply for membership (freshmen can only apply after first semester). Applications are due on October 2nd. We hope to see you in our club! 😁

COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB Classroom Code: qo4x27x

Join CS Club!

In a world where Computer Science is rapidly developing, skills are necessary to survive in this world. Being a part of this club will enable you to learn about new CS concepts every meet. These concepts will include computational thinking, algorithms, and more! Prior coding experience is unnecessary to join!

DEBATE CLUB I Classroom Code: x73636w

Debate Club is an fun academic club where members not only have the ability to attend multiple debating tournaments, but are also exposed to key issues that are impacting us in the 21st century. Now our 4th year running, students don't need to have any experience in debating, just an open mind. Meeting happen bi-weekly

DESIGN YOUR CAREERS CLUB (DYC) Classroom Code: kbnwbwm

DYC is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and a central platform - that strives to showcase everyone's talents or skills by running various applied education & hands-on learning free workshops.

Student Leaders who earn volunteer hours through DYC activities have the chance to earn the Presidential Community Service Award &  other Leadership Recognition for their contributions. 

FCCLA Classroom Code: 4iqz5eu

FCCLA: Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America

Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America (FCCLA), is a nationally recognized family & consumer sciences organization. With over 175,000 members across the United States, we work to better ourselves and the world around us through career preparation and the development of leadership skills.


GAINS, or Girls Achieving in Non-Traditional Subjects, is a program that runs from 6th grade through 12th grade in most secondary SCUSD schools. Our main goal is to encourage young women to pursue male-dominated STEM careers as well as introduce them to non-traditional careers that they might not normally consider. This year, GAINS will have 6 virtual speaker meetings, combined with Wilcox and other middle schools. During these meetings, members will receive the opportunity to hear a group of exceptional female speakers’ experiences, career paths, and future goals. Join the GAINS community with our Google Classroom code!

GIRLS WHO CODE (GWC) Classroom Code: 5crz3eh

Girls Who Code Flyer

Valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion, Girls Who Code is a community of young women who aspire to explore computer science and to bridge the gender disparity. As a member of Girls Who Code, you’ll be able to build computer science skills, such as problem-solving, creativity, and debugging. Through these projects, you will receive support from an extensive network of fellow coders and even industry professionals.

HACK CLUB Classroom Code: bzcwepk

SC Hack Club Flyer

We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Santa Clara High. Every week, our members learn to code through tinkering and building cool projects. We've also had cool opportunities, like an all-expenses-paid 3-day trip, Mexican food catering, and a Zoom call with Elon Musk!

HISTORY CLUB Classroom Code: mtv7vgz


MCPC Flyer

MCPC or Math Competition Preparation Club is a math club that teaches advanced competition math to all SCHS students. We are currently learning logarithms and if you're interested come join us on this Friday during lunch. The Google Classroom code is 2kxvwq4. Email for more information.

MAKERS CLUB Classroom Code: xccxbff

Makers Club strives to introduce the machinery and software available at the Fab Lab to SCHS students. Using interactive software such as TinkerCAD and Inkscape we’ll bring your ideas to life. Our meetings are bi-weekly on Tuesdays. Follow @makesclub.schs on Instagram and join our classroom!

MOCK TRIAL CLUB  Classroom Code: zvdswcz

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a competitive club that consists of a defense and prosecution team. Both teams compete against teams of different schools in the Santa Clara County Competition. And no! You do not need to be interested in law to be a part of our club. Mock Trial appeals to broad audiences! Last year we reached the quarter finals in the 2nd year of the club. We hope to see new members this year and go even further! Join the Google Classroom and follow us on Instagram @schs_mock_trial to stay connected. Can't wait to see you!


The Santa Clara High School Personal Finance and Investing Club is a club that teaches you about how to manage your money properly and invest it in a way that will be beneficial. We teach you about the factual terms as well as techniques used by professionals on how to invest your money. No experience is required to join the club. Join our Instagram: @schs_pfic.

PRE-MED CLUB Classroom Code: snmvuma

Join Pre-Med!

Join Pre-Med Club! Learn about the endless opportunities that medicine and science has to offer through our zoom meetings that include things such as speaker meetings, sharing opportunities for learning experiences beyond school and raising awareness through discussions about current events pertaining to the medical field.

PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Classroom Code: h2oxjwr

Psychology Club strives to bring awareness and break the stigma around the importance of mental health. Once a month, we hold workshops that pertain to unspoken topics such as self-care, mindfulness, and improving one's well being. Follow our Instagram @schs.psychclub and text “@schs-psych” to 81010 for Remind updates.

SAT PREP CLUB Classroom Code: txxvvcs

In this club, we will prepare for the SAT with different techniques and practice problems. This will allow for higher SAT scores and a stronger college application in the future.



BLUE HOLE Classroom Code: mausj5d

Join Blue Hole

Blue Hole is the school spirit club for our sports teams. We keep up the hype and encourage our teams to keep going and do their best! Our cheers coordinate with the cheer team, as we either follow or lead the cheers. As Bruins, we welcome everyone for who they are, no matter race, religion, gender, etc. We accept everyone, you’re our family too. Blue Hole may also be a safe space, whether you need to talk about situations or you may need somewhere to hangout. We plan on bringing students closer as we’re still in quarantine and in Distance Learning school. Join Blue Hole!

BRUIN BOOK CLUB Classroom Code: w6d2hjk

Bruin Book Club provides a space for readers of all skill levels and interests. We meet once a month to discuss the books we have read and suggest new titles. There is no requirement to join--no matter your feelings toward books, we would love to have you! Instagram: @schs.bookclub

CALLIGRAPHY CLUB Classroom Code:  r7rmhb7

Calligraphy Club aims to teach SCHS students about a beautiful and unique form of art, calligraphy through lettering. Teaching the basics of faux and brush lettering, Calligraphy Club unites students with different backgrounds and interests, encouraging them to channel their inner self, imagination, and creativity. Not only a highly appreciated and valuable skill to spice up notes from class or art projects, calligraphy is the art form for everyone to express themselves, artistic talent optional.

THE DESIGN CLUB  Classroom Code: qtkst5b

Design Club offers interactive experiences for all skill-sets to improve their design (graphic design, color theory, and many more). Meetings are bi-weekly on Fridays (many fun activities all optional/ up to your own interests). To be a part of it all, join our google classroom: qtkst5b and follow us @designclub_schs.

DRAMA CLUB Classroom Code: d2di3dy

Drama Club fosters a love for theatre through learning, exploring, and performing. Through the club, we provide a community for students interested in and passionate about the performing arts, regardless of prior experience. We aim to share our love of the medium with the greater Santa Clara High School community. Together, we strive to make theatre accessible to everyone. We believe theatre has the power to bring people together from all walks of life, and our club is meant to embody that belief.

ESOTERIC CLUB Classroom Code: 3i3357y

FILMMAKERS CLUB Classroom Code: 6lvzqgi

Interested in all things film? Join Filmmakers Club! In FMC, students can familiarize themselves with editing, scriptwriting, digital animation, and more. Beginner or expert, you’re invited to learn something new. Stay updated by joining the Google Classroom: 6lvzqgi, and following our Instagram @schsfmc.

HOME HEALTH & FITNESS CLUB Classroom Code: gryjz4w

Home Health and Fitness Club is focused on staying active and healthy while sheltering in place. We talk about the importance of staying healthy, from fad diets to helpful everyday habits. We have accessible, quick workouts to get our bodies moving. Meetings will be a fun time to exercise with friends and get gains!

JOURNALISM CLUB Classroom Code:  k64v4sw

MUSIC LOVERS CLUB Classroom Code: itg6dms 

Music Lovers Club Flyer

Our club is an carefree environment for all those who love music! Come join us if you want to expand your music library or just talk about music! Our instagram is @schsmusiclovers.

PLANT THERAPY CLUB Classroom Code: pzonrbi

Plant Therapy Club

Join Plant Therapy Club, our goal is to make our community a safe space and spread mental health awareness. We find community service opportunities and jobs through nurseries. Our club meetings are Bi-Weekly on Tuesday during lunch. We give information about how to take care of plants and teach anything about it. IG: @plantclubschs

TEEN SAFETY INITIATIVE Classroom Code:  kv3klfn

Contact if you have any questions!