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Contact Info

Cydney Ventura

ASB Vice-President

Sharon Freeman

Vice Principal of Activities

(408) 423-2609

Leanne Konicek 

ASB Secretary

(408) 423-2639


Club Stoles


Club Home Page

The SCHS Associated Student Body supports a variety of clubs of various interests.  Our students create, run, and participate in clubs of all kinds. Clubs are a great opportunity to get involved in the SCHS community! 

start a club!

Join a Club!

Clubs are an awesome way for students to become involved on our campus. They can interact with their peers and build community while learning valuable skills. Below is a list of all clubs currently chartered. Take a look at them, and join the google classrooms of clubs you are interested in!

Below is a list of the active clubs for 2022-2023.  Click on the link below to read details about the clubs, and contact the club president or club advisor to find out about club meeting times. 

Mandatory club charter meetings

Club Charter meetings will occur on the first Wednesday of every month at lunch. This month, the club charter meeting will be on Wednesday, January 5th. You can also schedule an appointment for one of these meetings by messaging 

fall club fair

September 9, 2022

Clubs will have booths all around campus at lunch for students to enjoy. It's a great opportunity to learn more about clubs that interest you! Information for club leaders will be released in the coming weeks. 

Monthly Club union


All Club Union Meetings will occur on the first Friday of every month, and take place in the SBO from 3:00 - 3:35pm. 

Advisor duties

Advisor Duties