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club fair - 12/6 after schoolholiday in the Quad - 12/7 at lunch

Contact Info

Jonathan Vergonio 

ASB Vice-President

(408) 306-0869

Erin Brown  

Vice Principal of Activities

(408) 423-2609

Leanne Konicek 

SBO Secretary

(408) 423-2639

Club Events at SCHS

Major Club Events

  • Start of School Club Fair
  • Homecoming Parade 
  • Holiday in the Quad Club Fair
  • Diversity Week

Other events in which clubs can participate

  • Cultural days or club events in quad - see SBO to schedule a day
  • Lip Sync 
  • Performances at rallies (clubs must try out in order to perform)

Student Clubs

Join a Club Today! 2018-2019 (Club Roster Available Below)

The SCHS Associated Student Body supports a variety of clubs of various interests.  Our students create, run and participate in clubs of all kinds.  


Clubs are an awesome way for students to become involved on our campus, interact with their peers and build community while learning invaluable skills.  Check out our list of approved clubs below.  Find one (or more!) that interest you.  All club meetings are open to all SCHS students.  Just attend a meeting to see which one is right for you

club fair - 12/6 after schoolholiday in the Quad - 12/7 at lunch

club faire
Club Name President(s) Meeting Days + Frequency Advisor + Room Number
Acts of Random Kindness Club Isabelle Schlegel + Naxely Belmont Mondays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Couto (B105)
Association of Urban Dancers Bea Agustin + Victoria Johnson Tuesdays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Reyes (E102)
Automative Enthusiasts Club Joy Sanap Wednesdays // Monthly Ms. Liu-Grossman (B208)
Awakening Christian Club Caroline Poso Wednesdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Haven (B301)
Bears to Share Shailee Nanavati Tuesdays // Weekly Ms. Anderson (B101)
Best Buddies Adrianne Krvokapic-Zhou + Natalie Jung Tuesdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Morbo (B203)
Blue Hole Skylar Barbero + Laila Davison Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Skapinsky (B-Hall)
Board Game Club Sam Hunt  Mondays // Weekly Mr. Tan (S116)
Bring Change 2 Mind Gina Filatov Mondays // Weekly Mr. Dupe (F201, Wellness Center)
Bruin Book Club Emma Mustovic Thursdays // Monthly Ms. Shelby (Library)
BSU (Black Student Union) Best Aklilu Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Henry (B306)
California Scholarship Federation Bonnie Liu Mondays // Monthly Mr. Wylam (S103)
Calligraphy Club Annie Liu Wendesdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Shaw/Ms. Reynaud (B210)
Chess Club Vamsi Atmuri Tuesdays // Weekly Ms. Blue (B206)
Chinese Student Association Bonnie Liu Fridays // Monthly Mr. Wilson (B305)
College Prep Gina Filatov + Minji Kang Wednesdays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Butler (College and Career Center)
Craft Club Letitia Aloysius Tuedays // Weekly Ms. Couto (B105)
Desi Student Association Akansha Bhatia + Sonal Suralikal Tuesdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Shah (S101)
Drama Club Devin Wong Mondays  Mr. Reyes (E102)
FASA (Filipino-American Student Association) Jamie Saturno Fridays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Eaton (B103)
FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) Maliya Madanes Thursdays // Monthly Ms. Hopps (J205)
Florists Club Areiah Malonzo Fridays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Mohamed (S112)
French Club Isabel Zhong + Hawk Azordegan Tuesdays  Ms. Garvin (C303)
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Andrew Cobene Wednesdays // Weekly Ms. Figueroa (B207)
Girl's Empowerment Project Sofia Kritikopoulos + Kaylee Ngo Wednesdays // Weekly Ms.Byerley (B308)
Girls Makes Games Nabeha Barkatullah Wednesdays // Weekly Ms. Mehl (D306)
Girls Who Code  Meredith Larson Tuesdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Satija (D202)
HEART (Heritage, Ethnicity, And Race Together) Club Meredith Larson Fridays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Shmale (B307)
Interact Vince Velayo + Jonathan Vergonio Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Mohamed (S112)
Journalism Club  Hannah Shin + Bonnie Liu Wednesdays // Monthly Mr. Ansaldo (B109)
Key Club  Adrianne Krivokapic-Zhou Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Miller-Moody (S119)
Law and History Society Pradeep Kundu Wednesdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Nguyen (D208)
League of Legends Club Thomas Sanborn Mondays // Weekly Mr. Eaton (B103)
Lemonade Club Omri Shoshani Thursdays // Weekly Mr. Williams (C305)
Link Crew  Andrew Garza + Sarah Heath Mondays // Monthly Ms. Couto + Ms. Morbo (Gym)
Living Poets Society Kiera O'Hara Heinz Mondays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Flowers (B201)
Maker's Club  Hawk Azordegan + Isabel Zhong Mondays // Weekly Mrs. Miller-Moody (Fab Lab)
March for Our Lives Logan Hamel   Ms. Couto (B105)
Math Club Isabel Zhong + Brandon Yan Fridays // Weekly Ms. McClennan (D212)
Mock Trial Minu Jaeger Weekly Ms. Svendsen (B309)
Multicultural Dance Club Donya Mirzazadeh Wednesdays // Weekly Ms. Shah (S101)
Ovi Teora Poly Dance Club Makeila Azul Tuesdays // Weekly Ms. Anderson (B101)
Project: Earth Haritha Karthikeyan Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Miller-Moody (S119)
Raza Latina Ashley Velasquez Thursdays  Mrs. Pham (B302)
Scientific Discussion and Debate Club Brandon McClelland Wednesdays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Mohamed (S112)
The Danny DeVito Society Spencer Lepore Fridays Ms. Couto (B105)
The Smash Society Sean Nguyen Wednesdays // Weekly  Mr. Mohamed (S112)
UNICEF Medha Kini + Daniela Dayen Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Liu-Grossman (B208)
Vietnamese Student Association Vivian Tran Tuesdays // Weekly Ms. Pham
Wanna Be Doctors Ihuoma Otah Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Carvalho (S115)
Weight Lifting Club Maricruz Sanchez Wednesdays + Fridays // Weekly Ms. Wellberg (D204)
Youth Activists Kalie Ching Fridays // Weekly Ms. Carvalho (S115)
Fishing Club Steven Lin + Ian Cramb Mondays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Wilson (B305)
Data Science + A.I with Python Rishab Gupta Fridays // Weekly Mr. Gallick (Fab Lab)
Choir Club Besi Aklilu + Phoebe Sanders Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Erdman (E104)
Animal Warfare Club Phoebe Sanders Tuesdays  Mr. Wilson (B305)
Basic IT Club Cleo Chow + James Kohls Last Thursdays // Monthly Mr. Holley (C211)
Sister Cities Ria Grewal Monthly Ms. Satija
Agricultural Club  Mansi Patel + Logan Ganey Wednesdays // Weekly Ms. Svendsen (B309)
Self Betterment Project Priya Dhople Tuesdays // Bi-Weekly Ms. Mirabello (B209)
Exploring Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning Saurav Gandhi Bi-Weekly Ms. Mehl (D306)
The Code Exchange Akul Vohra + Ayman Alamayri Thursdays // Bi-Weekly Mr. Holley (C211)
KAST (Kids Are Scientists Too) Sakshi Kumar + Ramya Chitturi Friday // Monthly Mrs. Miller-Moody (S119)
Code Club International Gina Choi Wednesday // Weekly Mr. Van Dyck (J207)
Art Club  Kalie Ching + Kristine Buriel  Thursdays // Weekly Mr. Woodman (J201)
Future Scientists' Club Ankith Maremanda Wednesday // Weekly Ms. Carvalho (S115)
Shark Tank Club Akash Vig Monday // Bi-Weekly Ms. Miniello (D305)
Uno Club Kayla Chew  Tuesdays // Weekly Mr. Mohamed (S112)
Jump Smash Badminton Ethan Malonzo + Paing Soe Wednesday // Weekly Ms. Kong 
Ted Talk Club (TTC) Ann Luong Monday // Monthly Ms. Grossman (B203)
Dungeon and Dragons Club Christian Tott  Friday // Weekly Mr. Williams (C305)
History Club Sulav Rijal Fridays // Monthly Mr. Skapinsky (B304)
The Baking Outlet Dion Celino Wednesday // Monthly Mr. Mohamed (S112)
Cosplay Club Alexis Leal Monday // Bi-Weekly Mrs. Figueroa (B207)
Activities Programming Board  Jake Millett N/A N/A
The Tutoring Club  Pradeep Kundu Thursday // Weekly  Ms. Nguyen (D208)