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Contact Info

Areiah Malonzo

ASB Vice-President

Erin Brown  

Vice Principal of Activities

(408) 423-2609

Leanne Konicek 

SBO Secretary

(408) 423-2639

Club Opportunities

Major Club Events

  • Start of School Club Fair
  • Homecoming Parade 
  • Holiday in the Quad Club Fair
  • Diversity Week

Other events in which clubs can participate

  • Cultural days or club events in quad - see SBO to schedule a day
  • Talent Showcase
  • Performances at rallies (clubs must try out in order to perform)

Student Clubs

The SCHS Associated Student Body supports a variety of clubs of various interests.  Our students create, run and participate in clubs of all kinds.  

Clubs are an awesome way for students to become involved on our campus, interact with their peers and build community while learning invaluable skills.  Check out our list of approved clubs below.  Find one (or more!) that interest you.  All club meetings are open to all SCHS students.  Just attend a meeting to see which one is right for you.

run a club successfully at SCHS..... info below

If you are interested in starting a club at SCHS during the first semester, please fill out: 

2019/20 Club Charter - available in the SBO

Last day to turn in Club Charters for the 2019/20 school year is: December 2, 2019.


Mandatory Club Officer Training: 8/20, 8/22, 9/17, 9/19, 10/15, 10/17, 11/19, 11/21 in the SBO at lunch.

Club Meeting Presentation


Mandatory Club Drive Check-Ins: November 22, 2019 & March 6, 2020.


2019/20 Clubs at schs


Activities Programming Board Mr. Pham Bryan Reyes Thursdays at lunch B302
Acts of Random Kindness Ms. Couto Naxely Belmont Mondays at lunch B105
American Red Cross Ms. Anderson Amanda Kay Wednesdays at lunch B101
American Sigh Language Club Mr.Gipson Sydney Silvia Wednesdays at lunch C306
Artificial Intelligence Society Ms. Mehl Saurav Gandhi Mondays at lunch D306
Association of Urban Dancers Mr. Reyes Bea Agustin Mondays at lunch E102
Awakening Christian Club Ms. Haven Caroline Poso Wednesdays at lunch B301
Basica IT Club Ms. Chen Annie Liu Thursdays at lunch/afterschool D204
Bears to Share Ms. Anderson Shailee Nanavati Wednesdays at lunch B101
Best Buddies Ms. Carvalho Adrianne Krivokapic-Zhou Tuesdays at lunch S115
Bio-chem Club Ms. Shah Neha Mandara Thursdays at lunch/afterschool S119
Black Student Union Ms. Henry Victoria Johnson Thursdays at lunch B306
Blue Hole Mr. Skapinsky Laila Davison Thursdays at lunch B304
Board Game Club Mr. Tan Samuel Hunt Mondays at lunch S116
Bring Change To Mind Club Dupe Thomas Emma Mustoviz Tuesdays during lunch Wellness Center
Bruin Book Club Ms.Shelby Emma Mustoviz Thursdays at lunch in the library Library
California Scholarship Federation Ms. Carvalho Haritha Karthikeyan Tuesdays at lunch S115
Card Club Ms. Kelly Lindsey Crocker Wednesday during lunch B204
Chess Club Ms. Blue Vamsi Atmuri Tuesdays at lunch B206
Chinese Student Association Mr.Wilson Annie Liu Fridays at lunch B305
Code Club Mr. VanDyck Gina Choi Wednesdays at lunch D3019
College Apps Club Ms. Grossman John Pham Tuesdays at lunch B208
Desi Student Association Ms. Shah Sonal Suralikal Mondays at lunch S119
Drama Club Mr. Reyes Audrey Scott Mondays at lunch E102
Dungeons and Dragons Clubs Mr. Williams Brennan Morse Wednesday during lunch C305
Environmental Club Mr. Wozadlo Nelly Belmont Tuesdays at lunch S114
Esports Club Ms. Mehl Tyler Tram Tuesdays at lunch D306
FCCLA Ms. Hopp Alecea Zeitler Thursdays at lunch and after school J205
Filipino-American Student Association Ms. Kawamoto Jamie Saturno Fridays at lunch F110
Filmmakers Club Mr. Reyes Matthew Malto Tuesday during lunch E103
Fishing Club Mr. Wilson Steven L Mondays at lunch B305
French Club Ms. Garvin Hawk Azordegan Tuesdays at lunch C303
GAINS Ms. Carvalho Vibha Tantry Selected dates S115 Library
Gamer Union Ms. Figueroa Aspen Solis Fridays at lunch B207
Gardening Club Ms. Svendsen Logan Ganey Wednesdays at lunch B309
Gay Straight Alliance Ms. Figueroa Lydia Kennedy-Moore Wednesdays at lunch B207
Girls Empowerment Project Ms. Byerley Katie Smith Wednesdays at lunch B308
Girls Who Code Mrs. Satija Vibha Tantry Tuesdays at lunch D202
Guitar Club Mr. Reyes David Flores Wednesdays at lunch E102
Helping Hands Ms. Anderson Kaitlyn BUtcher Mondays at lunch B101
History Club Mr. Skapinsky Morgan Cardoso Fridays at lunch B304
Ignite Christian Club Mr. Mohamed Kristin Manacmul Tuesdays at lunch S112
Interact Mr. Mohamed Jamie Dy Fridays at lunch S112
Jump Smash Badminton Club Ms. Kong Vanessa Ebora Wednesdays during lunch D209
KAST (Kids are Scientist Too) Mr. Gallick Ramya Chittun Wednesdays at lunch S101
Key Club Ms. Miller-Moody Meghan Van Thursdays during lunch S119
League of Legends Club Ms. Chen Thomas Sanborn deAsis   D204
Link Crew Mr. Cheney Sarah Heath Tuesdays at lunch B105
Math Club Ms. McClennan Isabel Zhong Fridays at lunch D210
Math Club Ms. McClennan Isabel Zhong Fridays at lunch D210
Multicultural Dance Club Ms. Shah Donya Mirzazadeh Wednesdays at lunch S119
Political Forum Club Ms. Sunkara Jesus Perez Sanchez Wednesdays at lunch P206
Pre-Med Club Mr. Mohamed Emma Sawaya Thursdays at lunch S112
Project: Earth Ms. Miller-Moody Haritha Karthikeyan Mondays at lunch S119
Raza Latina Mr. Pham Monica Mendoza Tuesday and Thursdays at lunch B302
Santa Clara Sister Ciites Ms. Satija Emma Mustoviz Fridays at lunch D202
Santa Clara Space Initiative Mr. Gallick Guarav Bhatnagar Mondays at lunch S101
SAT Prep Club Ms. Miller-Moody James Pham Fridays at lunch S119
SCHS Mock Trial Ms. Svendsen Aryanna Gregoire Tuesdays - after school & Thursdays at lunch B309
Scientific Discussion and Debate Mr. Mohamed Brandon McClelland Mondays at lunch S112
Speech and Debate Ms. Hayes Rahul Amin Thursdays at 2:15 B205
Ted Talk Club Ms. Grossman Annie Liu Wednesdays at lunch B208
UNICEF Club Ms. Grossman Daniela Dayen Thursdays at lunch B208
UNO Club Ms. Mohamed Kayla Chew Fridays at lunch S112
Vietnamese Student Association Mr. Pham My-Chau Trung Tuesdays at lunch B302
Yearbook Mrs. Blue Marissa Casas Thursdays at lunch B206
Young Entrepreneurs Ms. Mehl Ellis Bailey Mungaray Thursdays at lunch D306
Youth Activists Ms. Grossman Anita Sagar Mondays at lunch B208

Advisor resource

Role of Club Advisor