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Grad Night Committee

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What is Grad Night?
Grad Night is a party for the 2023 Santa Clara High seniors. The event takes place on Friday, June 2, 2023, 7:00 pm - 1:00 am. This celebratory event will be held on the school campus in a safe environment under the supervision of parents. We plan to use the large gym, cafeteria, and quad area.

Who is Responsible for Grad Night?
Grad Night is accomplished through the energy, creativity, time, and money of the parents with support from the community. Parents from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes are involved in Grad Night. It is a party that we, as parents, give as a parting gift to our graduating children. Scholarship tickets are available based on the generous funding from Mission City Community Fund. Apply for scholarship
tickets by sending us an email at

Why does my senior need to attend Grad Night?
Grad Night is a time for seniors to be together for one last time. About 90 percent of the seniors attend this incredible, fun party held at Santa Clara High. Grad Night is the ultimate all-night action-packed party with all-inclusive food, games, entertainment, dancing, and professional entertainment. It even has puppies.  

What happens at Grad Night?
Grad Night includes live entertainment, games, music, sport activities, dancing, food, and beverages throughout the night. The party is supervised by parents and staff making sure that the event is safe, and everyone is having fun.

Does my senior need a ticket for Grad Night?
Yes! The sale of tickets helps offset the expenses of incurred games, food, and entertainment. Included in the price of the ticket is food, soft drinks, and entertainment. There is no need to bring any money to the party. It is all included. 
Purchase Tickets here:
Scholarship tickets are available based on the generous funding from Mission City Community Fund. Apply for scholarship tickets by sending us an email at

Who can attend Grad Night?

Only registered senior students from Santa Clara High School and the Mission Early College High School (MECHS) Class of 2023 may attend. No other guests, visitors, SCHS alumni, relatives are allowed or friends from other high schools are allowed.

What if my senior has food allergies?
Please complete the Special Dietary Requirements question when you buy a ticket. It is important that the committee gets this information. We will do our best to accommodate all food allergies.

Is a late arrival acceptable?
No. Your student must arrive on Friday, June 2, between 7:00 -8:00 pm - no exceptions. Please plan accordingly. Check-in starts at 7:00 pm and doors close at 8:00 pm. No in and out privileges. Once students check-in, they will not be allowed to leave the event until 1:00 am.

How can I get involved?

Sign Up, Donate, Borrow, Volunteer, Show Up
We are grateful for any help you can provide. To host a large event like this, we rely on volunteers and or support to help with set up, clean up, food, supervision, or working a shift.  With each family providing one parent volunteer who can work for a 3-4 hour shift, we will be set! Already, several Class of 2023 parent volunteers are already in place planning and preparing to ensure that Grad Night is ready for our
seniors. Please get involved. Together, we can make it an incredible finale to our children’s high school years (and have lots of fun in the process!) Contact now if you are interested in helping to plan this event. 

Parents and community member can sign up for volunteer shifts here:
Subscribe to our Grad Night Interest Form to get the latest updates.

Care to Donate?
The actual cost to host Grad Night 2023 is estimated to be approximately $80 per person. The Grad Night Fundraising Team is working extra hard to subsidize this cost so we can keep the ticket price low. We also offer scholarships for students who need help with the cost of a ticket. Please keep an eye out for our fundraising upcoming activities. A big THANK YOU to those who have already donated and/or participated in our fundraisers. If you would like to donate to Grad Night, please use this link to donate. A donation receipt will be emailed to you. 

Wish List
We are seeking a few items to borrow for Grad Night. Some of these may currently be in your garage taking up space. Please check out our wish list to see if you can help us out.



The Santa Clara Unified School District and Santa Clara High School does not officially sponsor or endorse SCHS Grad Night.  Grad Night is sponsored by SCHS PTSA.

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