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School Mission & Vision

Our Vision for SCHS

We graduate lifelong learners who aspire to improve themselves and the world.

Our Mission at SCHS

Our Mission is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive education that fosters inquiry, inspires compassion and develops self reliance for our diverse student body in a physically, emotionally, and socially safe environment.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR's)

Students will be effective communicators who:

• read and comprehend a variety of materials 
• clearly convey information and ideas in written, oral, and visual forms 
• listen to understand and respond appropriately

Students will be informed, productive thinkers whose products demonstrate that they can:

• use creative thinking and critical thinking skills 
• use diverse strategies in solving problems, making decisions, and evaluating results 
• apply problem-solving and decision-making skills to situations found both inside and outside the classroom

Students will be self-directed learners who:

• set priorities, plan and take action to accomplish goals 
• manage time and resources efficiently and independently 
• take on challenges and accept responsibility for making choices 
• apply knowledge and skills in multiple settings

Students will be collaborative workers who:

• perform a variety of roles within a team 
• develop high quality products and services 
• evaluate the effectiveness of both individual and group contributions 
• apply results of evaluation to improve performance

Students will be contributing citizens who:

• demonstrate integrity, responsibility and perseverance as productive members of society 
• acknowledge cultural, physical, economic, intellectual, age and gender diversity 
• recognize and respect the rules and processes that govern society 
• actively participate in the community 
• act as caretakers of the environment

Students will be information processors who:

• select and use a variety of resources, including current technology, to research and access information 
• choose the most effective tools to gather, organize, analyze and evaluate information 
• refine, synthesize, and apply information to achieve a purpose