Bruin Country Principal's Update (PSAT & Homecoming)
Posted 10/9/18

Hello Bruin Community,

This Bruin Country Update doesn't have any new items, just reminders and clarifications about our upcoming PSAT test and then our Homecoming week.  Please note the days when school will start at different times for students.


On Wednesday, 10/10/18, we are providing the PSAT test to all sophomores as well as any juniors who chose to sign up.  All students who are set to take the test need to arrive by 7:15 am to their testing location.  Check your schoolloop portals for individualized testing locations.  Students who are taking the test need to bring their photo ID, a couple of pencils, and (optionally) an approved calculator.  Please note that the majority of juniors will be taking the test across the street in the fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church and these students have been provided with a parent permission slip that will allow them to be off campus to take the test.  The proctors will all be SCUSD employees.

For freshmen, seniors, and those juniors who are choosing not to take the test, school will start at the normal Wednesday time of 10:00 am.  Students who are taking the test will miss all of 3rd period and possibly part of 5th period, and those absences will automatically be excused.


Please note that the Homecoming week schedule has slightly different start and/or end times on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Additionally, there is no school on Monday due to a Professional Development Day.  Our normal bus schedule will be used.  The schedule is as follows:

Mon, 10/15

Tue, 10/16

Wed, 10/17

Thu, 10/18

Fri, 10/19

No School

Use Normal

Use Normal

Per 2 - 8:26-9:20

(PD Day)


Per 1 - 10:00-10:54


Rally - 9:30-10:21


Per 3 - 11:00-12:00


Per 4 - 10:31-11:30

(all 7 periods)

Lunch - 12:00-12:35

(all 7 periods)

Lunch - 11:30-12:05

Per 5 - 12:41-1:35

Per 6 - 12:11-1:05

Per 7 - 1:41-2:35

Parade starts at 1:30

Spirit Days - Each day of this week is a themed dress-up day.  Tuesday is Tourist Day.  Wednesday is Bay Area Day.  Thursday is Pajama Day.  Friday is School Spirit Day (wearing blue and gold or a class shirt).

Float Building - On Thursday, 10/18/18, students will be on campus in the quad building floats.  All students are welcome to help out anytime from 3:04 to 10:00 pm, and parents are invited to visit/help as well.  A limited number of students will stay past 10:00 pm, and all of these students will have received special permission slips prior to the event.  This float building night is a lot of fun, and I encourage students and parents to come check it out.

Parade - The parade on Friday, 10/19/18, is optional for students, and many students will choose to participate as part of their class, a club, the band, or the spirit squad.  Parents are welcome to line up to see the parade anywhere along the route.  We will leave SCHS heading west, turn right on Pomeroy (passing Pomeroy Elementary), turn right on El Sobrante, cross over Kiely, turn right on Crowley, turn right on Sonoma Place (passing Central Park Elementary), turn left on Benton, and return to SCHS.  Please note that the floats are designed to be best viewed from the driver's side.

Ceremony - The Homecoming ceremony will occur on Friday, 10/19/18, between the Frosh/Soph and Varsity football games.  While the time may fluctuate slightly because of the games, the ceremony is scheduled to start at around 6:15 pm.

Dance - On Saturday, 10/20/18, we will be hosting our Homecoming Dance from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on campus.  Tickets can be purchased for a discount ($13 w/ ASB or $16 w/out ASB) ahead of time in the SBO or for $20 at the door.


Gregory Shelby

Principal, SCHS