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Bruin Country Principal's Update (Vision & Mission Statements)
Posted 5/28/19

Hello Bruin Community,

As you likely know, our school has been going through a process of revisiting and updating our SCHS Vision and Mission Statements.  Our vision is where we are headed, and our mission is how we will get there. The SCHS faculty had last revised these statements in 2012.  With our growth, our dedication to the whole child, and our emphasis on collaboration, we felt it was time to not only revisit these statements, but revise them via a more inclusive process that involved the entire community.

A volunteer committee led by teachers Sara Carvalho, Emily Haven, Jennifer Herrera, and Lindsey Couto-Mohamed along with ASB President Sofia Kritikopolous set up a process that allowed as many voices as possible to take part in this revision.  The committee developed feedback forms to elicit input on what people liked about our previous statements, what concepts they thought we most needed to keep, as well as what phrases no longer reflected the needs of our current students and school climate. In addition to teaching faculty, this feedback form was taken to the students (the leadership class), staff (paraeducators and office staff), and parents (PTSA and School Site Council).  Additionally, a google form was sent to all parents and students so that every member of our community had a chance to share their thoughts. The result was the most authentic representation of our community’s voice that we’ve been able to capture to this point.

Our new Santa Clara High School Vision Statement is:

We graduate lifelong learners who aspire to improve themselves and the world.

Our new Santa Clara High School Mission Statement is:

Our Mission is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive education that fosters inquiry, inspires compassion and develops self reliance for our diverse student body in a physically, emotionally, and socially safe environment.

My deep thanks goes out to all involved in this process.  I was able to witness several of the groups thoughtfully engage with each other, showing a sincere desire for to support our students, and I know that other groups were equally committed.  Thank you, and let us together strive to achieve our vision by following our mission.


Gregory Shelby

Principal, SCHS