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Bruin Country Principal's Update (Follow up on Back To School Night)
Posted 9/3/20

Información del Director en Español

Hello Bruin Community,

Thank you to all the parents who attended our online Back to School Night yesterday evening.  We are glad that you got to meet our Wellness Coordinator, PTSA leaders, admin team, and most of your students’ teachers.  

We had a tech issue that caused a delay in the teacher classroom sessions, so I want to apologize for that and thank you for sticking with us.  Additionally, in the rush to fix the technical issue, some teachers’ links did not work as planned.  I want you to know that the problem was not the fault of the teachers at all.  I had a key misunderstanding that led to my setting up the Zoom meetings incorrectly.  While my team and I worked to stress-test the system in numerous ways in preparation for yesterday, we missed the one type of test that would have revealed the problem.  For this, I apologize.

On a positive note, the night did reinforce my conviction that I work with some extremely talented and professional people, both here at SCHS and in our district.  When we realized the problem shortly before the meeting, two of our district IT professionals were able to recreate over 100 meetings from scratch, and my admin team was able to push out new links via School Loop.  All of this happened in just about two hours, most of it simultaneously to our running the PTSA meeting and General Session.  Our teachers went with the flow, adjusted their time schedules, and used the new links, with all but a small handful able to run their classroom sessions.  We received many compliments last night about how the classroom sessions went.  I am proud to work with our resilient teachers, and I’m very grateful for the support from talented people in our district.

Additionally, because of the brief delay, we were able to answer more questions in an impromptu Question and Answer session.  We will be sending out via loopmail a more detailed summary of that Q&A session, including addressing some of the questions that came up that we didn’t have time to answer.  For those of you who missed one or more of your student’s classroom sessions due to our technical issues, we are working with those teachers to share information about their classes with you.  Please expect to hear from us about both the Q&A and the alternative structure to make up for missed class sessions by next Friday.


Gregory Shelby

Principal, SCHS