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AP Human Geography

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      AP Human Geography

      Welcome to Advanced Placement Human Geography (APHUG)! This course is organized around major themes of human interactions within our shared world. Our goal is to simply ask the where and the why; for example, where do people live and why or how do cultures influence our human behavior and why. The where and the why allows our course to combine many social studies disciplines as we study elements of sociology, anthropology, religion, politics, economics, psychology, etc. I hope that you enjoy learning the human geography curriculum, but also must note that it is presented as a college level class and thus will also demand rigorous work and effort on both of our parts; the rewarding outcome is that you will at the same time gain a heightened sense of what shapes our world, our cultures, and our communities.

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      8/5/15 11:01 AM

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      AP Human Geogrp
      8/5/15 11:01 AM