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Kathy Hopp


SCHS offers two 1-semester long courses in culinary arts: Cooking and Baking. Courses are open to students in 10th-12th grade and have no prerequisite. Both classes focus on introducing students to a wide variety of techniques and tools, which will enable them to go on and confidently be able to cook independently. Nutrition, consumerism, artful presentation and careers in the hospitality and food industries will  be explored. The skills learned in these courses will truly serve them throughout their lives. In addition to the intro. courses, a year-long Culinary Arts 2 course is available for students who have successfully completed both level one classes.  Culinary 2 will explore the "art" of cooking with projects like Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls & cake decorating.  Culinary 2 runs an on-campus business, "Santa Clara Sneaky Snacks" where students create a marketing campaign, do product development and package design.  Career skills, are developed in running this in-class food production company, Special Event planning, learning job application techniques, and creating a financial plan for a real life event. Culinary 2 is a UC approved A-G Visual Arts Class in the "F" category.

mrs Hopp
mrs Hopp

Mrs. Hopp teaches all of the Culinary Arts classes at SCHS.  Her experience includes teaching Visual Art as well as Culinary Arts in the Campbell and Santa Clara school districts.  She has also worked in the Hospitality  industry in a variety of capacities, ranging from designing costumes and characters for Chuck E. Cheese to heading up the design division of a Corporate Event Planning Co. Mrs. Hopp and her husband are natives of Santa Clara Valley and have 2 daughters who live in San Diego and N.Y.C. as well as an Italian Greyhound and a Chihuahua/Terrier that live here at home.  Cooking AND eating are two of Mrs. Hopp's favorite pastimes, in the words of Julia Child: :"People who love to eat are always the best people".