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Ara Tanajian Locker

Ara Tanajian

ROP Computer Animation

Grades 11-12, Year


Prerequisite: Intro to Art/Computer Graphic Design

Offered At: Santa Clara High School


Digital Animation students will study the basic principles of animation and develop the skills needed to be an animator. The class will look into the history of animation and study the principles of animation. We will create hand-drawn animations that will be completed in Flash and iMovie and exported as swf animations that will be ready for use on the internet and other video formats. Students will refine their animation skills by incorporating the principles of animation while working with these state-of –the-art applications. Students in this class will also benefit from partnerships with the Animation program at SJSU, DreamWorks Animations Studios and field trips to area museums and studios.

ROP Photography


Grades 11-12, Semester


Prerequisite: None


Offered At: Santa Clara High School


This is an introductory class in digital photography. Students will learn to use digital camera, process the images in Adobe Photoshop, and handle the digital images in various ways. Students will learn good photo composition, different types and purposes for photographs, and will look at the best photography now and over the last century. This course can be repeated.

ROP Video Production


Grades 10-12, Semester/Year


Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor Offered At: Santa Clara, Wilcox


Video Production is a year long course in which students will learn the foundations of video production: developing an idea or story, preproduction planning, video photography, lighting and basic sound, and digital postproduction using video editing software. Students will learn to evaluate film and videos, will learn essential knowledge of copyright laws as they pertain to video production and ethical issues in media, and will learn to create a variety of published video projects. Because of the equipment available for student use and the open structure of the class, enrollment occurs only with the consent of the instructor. This class may be repeated with instructor approval. **Fulfills the Graduation Technology Requirement

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