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Coach Gunterson Family
Me and my boys

My Favorite Short Movie! Enjoy!


A Bit About Me

My purpose is to lead, teach and inspire others to excellence and possibilities, while having fun. I love reading, hiking and music. My interests include health and fitness, brain development and life-long learning. My goal is to live to be 120 years, and to accumulate $8,675,309 in my retirement account. 


Credentials and Continuing Education

Human Being/ Not Human Doing

Bachelor of Science from CBU in Business Admin: Finance

Master's of Arts in Special Education BU (Whew, that was 3 years!)  

Level II Credentialed Educational Specialist 

Certified Black Belt II Martial Arts Instructor (only took me 15 years!)

Certified Performance Coach (harder than my master's degree)

Certified Leadership Coach (Leadership is a set of skills)

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer (Lots of Practice here)

Master Certified NLP Practitioner (Change your mind= Change your life)

Master Certified NLP Coach (Focus on what you want)

Master Certified Time Line Therapy (R) Practitioner (How to accomplish all your goals)

Master Certified Hypnosis Practitioner (That's Right..)

Leslie Gunterson

Think you can't be successful with a learning disability?

Read it here: 25 Famous People with Learning Disabilities



Keira Knightley (Dyslexia), Orlando Bloom (Dyslexia), Michael Phelps (ADHD), Daniel Radcliffe (Dyspraxia), Whoopi Goldberg (Dyslexia), Steven Spielberg (Dyslexia),Justin Timberlake (ADD and OCD), Christopher Knight (ADHD), Jamie Oliver (Dyslexia), Ty Pennington (ADHD), Keanu Reeves (Dyslexia), Charles Schwab (Dyslexia), Paul Orfalea (Dyslexia and ADHD), Jay Leno (Dyslexia), Vince Vaughn (ADD and Dyslexia), Richard Engel (Dyslexia), Henry Winkler (Dyslexia), Karina Smirnoff (ADHD), Tim Tebow (Dyslexia), Anderson Cooper (Dyslexia), Howie Mandel (ADHD and OCD), Cher (Dyslexia), Richard Branson (Dyslexia), 
David Neeleman (ADD), Tommy Hilfiger (Dyslexia)


You're Awesome!


Welcome Back 2018-2019 School Year!


Class Wish List

If you can help with these things, you will be our real life heroes: 

  • Kleenex or Tissue
  • Gift Certificates for rewards
  • Juggle balls or puzzles for 2 min brain breaks. 


There is no failure, only feedback


Happy is, as Happy does.


The Beauty of Human Skin: Angelica Dass


Favorite Quotes


My Addiction: