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FabLab & STEM Leadership Institute (SLI)

49ers STEM Leadership Institute


The 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, created in partnership with the San Francisco 49ers, the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, and the Santa Clara Unified School District, is a six-year program that prepares students with high academic potential to be outstanding.  The institute aims to inspire and prepare its students to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) majors at top-tier universities and become the future leaders in their fields.



Program Overview

The program is offered at no cost (inclusive of class time, materials, and additional academic support resources) and is located at Cabrillo Middle School (grades 7-8) and Santa Clara High School (grades 9-12).

All students who apply and are accepted during their 6th grade year will begin the program in 7th grade. Student cohorts enroll full-time at Cabrillo Middle School for the 7th and 8th grades and will continue with their cohort at Santa Clara High School for 9th through 12th grades. Transportation assistance available.

The inaugural year of the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute began in Summer 2014 with a cohort of 60 incoming seventh grade students. Each year, students advance with their cohort to the next grade level and a new cohort of 60 incoming seventh graders will be selected through a competitive application process each year. By the end of the six-year rollout process, there will be a total of 360 students from grades 7 – 12 involved in the program, located at Cabrillo Middle School and Santa Clara High School in the Santa Clara Unified School District.



For more information about 49ers SLI...

Please visit the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute's website, which has access to general program information, the application process, FAQs, and how to contact us for more information.


For complete program information, visit


Fab Lab at Santa Clara High School

“The Fab Lab at Santa Clara High School is a resource for inspiration for our future STEM leaders and the greater Santa Clara community,” said 49ers co-chairman John York. “These students are excited by education, learning to be leaders and seeking solutions in their world. Further augmenting the 49ers Foundation’s mission to keep kids ‘Safe, On Track, and In School’ in support of helping young people reach their full potential, we are excited to continue our work with Chevron in environments that allow our 49ers STEM Leadership Institute students flourish.”

Fab Labs give students experience working with tools, machinery and technology used today in STEM-related industries and helps them develop the critical skills needed to prepare them to become inventors and innovators of the future. The Fab Lab features a suite of digital fabrication tools and prototyping machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters and milling machines, used for “making almost anything.”

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