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Karl Schmitt Theater Manager

3000 Benton Street          Santa Clara, CA 95051       (between Kiely Blvd. and Pomeroy Ave.)

Phone: 408-423-2797

SCHS Events in Theater (does not include practice times or outside groups in theater)

Performing Arts Center

Welcome to the SCHS Performing Arts Center

Santa Clara High School is proud to offer a variety of performing arts classes. Students have the opportunity to develop and explore their creative and artistic talent in many areas of drama and music.

Starting with the grand opening in February 2005, the new SCHS Performing Arts Center provides a state-of-the-art venue for student and community shows, concerts, meetings, and other events. We look forward to seeing YOU at many of our exciting performances in the near future.

Please explore the rest of this web site for more for details about the performing arts curriculum at Santa Clara High School, event schedules, and information about renting the new SCHS Performing Arts Center.

Renting the Theater

If you are interested in renting the SCHS theater, please visit Facilitron

Theater Lighting

The SCHS Performing Arts Center General Light Plot is shown in two diagrams (included in the locker on this page).  The General Light Plot provides uniform stage lighting and is suitable for most performances.  Using the General Light Plot is recommended as it is the most cost effective and requires the least amount of setup time both before and after your performances.

Simple gel changes, minor re-focusing and shuttering of lights are not a problem.  You are encouraged to plan your lighting cues in advance and program them into the ETC lighting console.  This facilitates lighting operation during your shows.  You are responsible to provide gels appropriate for your lighting.  You should also provide a couple of 3.5 inch MS-DOS formatted floppy disks to record your lighting cues.

A follow spotlight is available, however it requires a trained operator to be in the catwalk above the audience.

To check availability of the dates you want, please contact the Theater Manager for the venue you're interested in renting.