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Site AVID Coordinator

Victoria Aguaristi

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Santa Clara AVID program is seeking our next freshman class.  We are looking for motivated students that are eager and capable of completing a rigorous course of study while enrolled in the program.  Students should apply if they are willing to stay in the program throughout their four years of high school and currently are one of the first in their family to attend a four year college.

If you are an incoming Freshman or a student at SCHS and would like to join the AVID program, please fill out the AVID Application - 2019/2020  and bring the completed application to the front office at SCHS.

AVID Staff
Contact Victoria Aguaristi  Victoria Aguaristi (408) 423-2627 Counselor (last names Co-G + AVID 11)
Contact Hanna Ley Anderson  Hanna Ley Anderson (408) 423-2723 Teacher - English & AVID
Contact Daniel Eaton  Daniel Eaton (408) 423-2720 Teacher - English & AVID
Contact Risha Shah  Risha Shah (408) 423-2698 Teacher - Biology & AVID
Contact Sarah Wellberg  Sarah Wellberg (408) 423-2657 Teacher - Mathematics & AVID
AVID Program Locker
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3/7/18 12:48 PM
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3/7/18 12:48 PM