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Erin Brown  

Vice Principal of Activities

(408) 423-2609

Leanne Konicek 

SBO Secretary

(408) 423-2639

Santa Clara High School has an organized A.S.B. (Associated Student Body).  Students are primarily responsible for their organizations; the student council and student leaders hold formal meetings, develop budgets, plan fundraisers, decide how the funds will be spent, and approve payments.  The students make the decisions and have primary authority over the funds; the school administrators, A.S.B. bookkeeper and club advisor(s) assist, advise and co-approve student decisions.

The role of the A.S.B. advisor and school administrator is not to make the student council’s decisions, but to guide and advise the student council and the individual student clubs so they follow laws, regulations and district board policy. 

The A.S.B. exists for the good of students (the entire student body), and supports student non-curricular activities such as sports, rallies, dances, etc.

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