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School: @santaclarahighschool

Freshmen: @schs2022

Sophomores: @santaclara2021

Juniors: @schsclassof2020

Seniors: @schsclassof2019


Music request

Lunch Time Music Requests:

If you'd like the Entertainment Commissioner to play your favorite songs at lunch on Fridays in the quad, please fill out the Music Request Form.

March Madness

March 25th to April 4th

The SCHS March Madness Tournament will be held during lunch in the Main Gym from 3/25 to 4/4. Each team must have a captain and 5 additional team members. There must be at least one girl and one boy per team. To register, sign up on  Please only fill out one form per team. Forms are due on 3/8.

Diversity Week

Our 2nd to last rally is just around the corner, and it is none other than our very first DIVERSITY RALLY. Diversity Rally is a chance to embrace the unique atmosphere of our community and most importantly: celebrate diversity! Audition will be open from March 11th to April 2nd. Auditions will be accepted in video format and can be sent to

Student Council

Santa Clara High School has an organized A.S.B. (Associated Student Body).  Students are primarily responsible for their organizations; the student council and student leaders hold formal meetings, develop budgets, plan fundraisers, decide how the funds will be spent, and approve payments.  The students make the decisions and have primary authority over the funds; the school administrators, A.S.B. bookkeeper and club advisor(s) assist, advise and co-approve student decisions.
The role of the A.S.B. advisor and school administrator is not to make the student council’s decisions, but to guide and advise the student council and the individual student clubs so they follow laws, regulations and district board policy. 
The A.S.B. exists for the good of students (the entire student body), and supports student non-curricular activities such as sports, rallies, dances, etc.

homecoming - Class Floats

student council

Renaissance Rally- September 14th, 2018


Leadership Retreat- July 30th, 2018


Meet Your Leadership Class!

Intro Video

President: Sofia Kritikopoulos
Vice President: Jonathan Vergonio
Secretary: Vince Velayo
Treasurer: Joy Sanap
Athletics: Devynn Wyatt
Elections: Besi Aklilu
Communications: Anthony Truong
Entertainment: Muddassir Chowdhury
Spirit: Laila Davison
School Board: Bonnie Liu
Appointed Positions
Events #1: Mario Luna
Events #1: Harleigh Perry
Events #1: Ian Canlas
Events #2: Eva Kwitakowski
Events #2: Celine Vilora
Events #2: My-Chau Truong
Tech Rep: Jessica Kuang
Tech Rep: Isabel Zhong
Tech Rep: Justin Wood
Community Service: Areiah Malonzo
Community Service: Hannah Aldor
Community Service: Allie Ferguson
Student Store: Katie Smith
Student Store: Kyle Yun
Senior Council
President: Sean Nguyen
Vice President: Skylar Barbero
Sec/Treas: Maha Elatta
Spirit: Jason Hoang
Comm/Pub: Justin Cedro
Junior Council
President: Jamie Dy
Vice President: Kylie Chang
Sec/Treas: Bryan Reyes
Spirit: Naxely Belmont
Comm/Pub: Alissa Friedman
Sophomore Council
President: Bea Agustin
Vice President: Natalie Jung
Sec/Treas: Emmy Nguyen
Spirit: Zianna Razon
Comm/Pub: Asia Ly
Freshman Council
President: Blake Levins
Vice President: Ava Razon
Secretary: Kelanie Garcia
Treasurer: Ryan Liu
Spirit: Naomi Badillo
Comm/Pub: Sydney Silva