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Print CopyDistributed during Student Support on publication dates, and can also be found virtually through Issuu

Online Site

Instagram - @schstheroar

Twitter -  @SCHSRoar

YouTube - SCHS The Roar


Bob Ansaldo Advisor


2022-2023 Editor Board

Amelia Howell Co-Editor-in-Chief

Khadeejah Khan Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mylinh Duong Online Editor

KennedyRose Stiver Campus Editor

James Kepner Sports Editor

Soojin Spencer Focus Editor

Elias Panou Opinion Editor

Rebecca LaBarge Arts & Entertainment Editor 

Khadeejah Khan Spotlight Editor

Amelia Tai Visuals Editor


Staff Writers

Aaryan Dubale

Aisha Shafik

Amanda Troll

Aminah Hedges

Andrew Littlefield

Asia Celestine

Catalina Lopez

Clemente Beltran-Castro

Ellen Vu

Jaclyn Duran

Jasmine Ramirez

Joshua Cedro 

Nathaniel Hekster  

Nicholas Iriberri

Nishi Vijayvargiya

Nishita Viswajith

Rhea Gosain

Sonia Mankame

Taejun Spencer

Theodore Nguyen

"The Roar" Student Newspaper

so students receive the news that matters to them.

Applications for Journalism

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year will open in February 2023!

If you are interested in joining Journalism and writing for The Roar but would like some more information, check out our Why Journalism page using the link below.

Publication Dates: 2022-2023

Issue No. 1: October Issue - October 28, 2022

Issue No. 2: December Issue - December 16, 2022

Issue No. 3: February Issue - February 10, 2023

Issue No. 4: April Issue - April 7, 2023

Issue No. 5: May Issue (Senior Cycle) - May 24, 2023