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SCHS Student Council: @santaclarahighschool

Freshmen: @schs.2026

Sophomores: @santaclara.2025

Juniors: @santaclara2024

Seniors: @schs2023


Sharon Freeman  

Vice Principal of Activities

(408) 423-2609

Leanne Konicek 

ASB Secretary

(408) 423-2639

               Amelia Howell

               ASB President 


Student Council

Homecoming Skit Video

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2022-2023 Appointed Positions:

Event Representatives:

Leydiana Ledesma

Asher Dubin

Eudora Woldesilassie

Dania Gizaw

Community Outreach:

Ren Brown

Aafiyah Khan

Soojin Spencer

Technology Representatives:

Nicholas Morris

Kaitlyn Venator

Creative Media:

Naomi Jung

Aryanna Morte

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Student Store Clerk:

Sadie Rios

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Class Councils:

Class of 2023

President: LIra Yagi

Vice President: Faith Manansala

Secretary/Treasurer: Alana Ly

Spirit Rep: Kristy Bae

Publicist: Kyla Tadina

Class of 2024

President: Kelly Winter

Vice President: Glaiza Buenaflor

Secretary/Treasurer: Nadine Ngo

Spirit Rep: Miranda Gutierrez

Publicist: Cheyenne De Guzman

Class of 2025 

President: Ryan Borromeo

Vice President: Rebecca LeBarge

Secretary/Treasurer: Phiet Tran

Spirit Rep: Jo Ann Smith

Publicist: Venice Conte

Class of 2026

(Freshmen will be placed in positions

at the beginning of the school year.)

Kaleya Garcia

Ashlynn Tran

Rimsha Faheem

Rhea Gosain

Priya Pudasaini

Gauri Todur

Audrey Bartolome

Jaqueline Duran

Isaac Ishimatsu

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 asb council

President - Amelia Howell

Vice President - Cydney Ventura

Secretary - Bea Santos

Treasurer - Sierra Yang

Communications Commissioner  - Heidi Hu

Spirit/Sports Commissioners - Jamal Howard, 

Prateek Kundu

Board Representative - Mateo Moyoli

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Pillars & Vision

Purpose & Vision

Santa Clara High School has an organized A.S.B. (Associated Student Body).  Students are primarily responsible for their organizations; the student council and student leaders hold formal meetings, develop budgets, plan fundraisers, decide how the funds will be spent, and approve payments.  The students make the decisions and have primary authority over the funds; the school administrators, A.S.B. bookkeeper and club advisor(s) assist, advise and co-approve student decisions.

The role of the A.S.B. advisor and school administrator is not to make the student council’s decisions, but to guide and advise the student council and the individual student clubs so they follow laws, regulations and district board policy. 

The A.S.B. exists for the good of students (the entire student body), and supports student non-curricular activities such as sports, rallies, dances, etc.