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If you are interested in joining yearbook next year, please apply with your counselor.


Erik Torres - Advisor


Marissa Casas - Editor-in-Chief

Vivian Tran - Design Editor

Kayla Hoffman - Copy Editor

Bilal Adam Malik - Photo Editor

Jennifer Liu - Index Editor

Michael LoForti - Senior Editor


Janet Farias - Photographer

Jeremy Hovey - Photographer

Moises Naces - Photographer


Luis Baldomar - Staff Writer

Madison Beus - Staff Writer

Malia Hoey - Staff Writer

Marianna Mendoza - Staff Writer

Kylie Mukoyama Staff Writer

Matthew Quach - Staff Writer


Buy your Yearbook now

This is a nonrefundable purchase.

Visit the Student Store on campus during lunch or after school and purchase your yearbook with cash, check, or credit card.


purchase your Yearbook on the SCHS Webstore.


$80.00 - NOVEMBER 1st through FEBRUARY 14th. Will include the student's name on the front cover.

$80.00 - FEBRUARY 15th through APRIL 12th. Does not include the student's name on the front cover.

$90.00 - APRIL 22nd until the END of the year. Does not include the student's name on the front cover.



Buy a Senior Ad

Senior Ads are a way to commemorate seniors' accomplishments throughout their life as a way to celebrate them graduating high school! As your child is a part of the graduating class of 2019, parents have a chance to purchase a senior ad for their child. The ads will include photos and a text dedication, and be featured in the 2018-2019 yearbook. 

DEADLINE FOR SENIOR ADS - Thursday, February 14th, 2019


Senior Superlatives

It is time to vote on senior superlatives. Keep in mind when voting to think outside of your friend groups.

Not only are we doing senior superlatives, we are also doing senior accomplishments too. You may submit at most three accomplishments to be placed below your senior picture in the yearbook.

Second round of voting for senior superlatives will begin Monday, January 28th and will be closed Friday, February 1st.

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